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BirdEye gives you access to your competitors' public data from 250+ review sites, 300M websites,
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Where are you winning?

Compare sentiment for products and services against industry leaders at a brand, national or local level.

Sentiment Trends

Discover sentiment trends

Your competitors’ reviews from hundreds of review sites and social platforms are run through Athena, BirdEye's proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm, so you can identify and track trending topics.

Compare Performance

Compare performance from every angle

Evaluate your relative performance using the same categories and sub-categories you create for your own business insights, then drill down into specific topics, keywords, and adjectives driving customer sentiment. Zoom in on verbatim snippets and full-text reviews to get the full story.

Nps Insights

Competitive NPS insights

Measure your competitors' Net Promoter Score (NPS) based on customer sentiment from their reviews to learn what their promoters love about their business.

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