Easily create a social media plan

Post more often, save more time. Make your social networks as busy as you are!

Synchronize posts across all networks

Post to multiple profiles on multiple social networks at once. Manage all published and scheduled posts in a calender or list view.

Make your posts fun and engaging

With social publishing, upload photos, GIFs and videos to include in your posts. Store all uploads in your Asset Library so you can reuse the media that performs the best.

Schedule multiple posts in advance

Plan your whole month in just a few clicks. Add posts to your calendar when you get the chance -- whether it's days, weeks or months in advance -- and BirdEye will automatically publish them on the dates and times you've set.

Get in front of the eyes of your prospects

77% of the population make a purchase both online and
in-store after viewing something on Facebook

University of Massachussets Dartmouth, Center for Marketing Research

Learn what resonates with your customers

See how each post is performing by tracking likes, retweets, comments and shares. Easily republish posts that are performing well.

Auto-share your reviews to your social channels

Share your reviews from across the web to Facebook and Twitter without lifting a finger. You get to decide how many posts are published per channel each day.

Manage your entire online reputation in one place

Take control of your reviews, star ratings, search ranking, and social media presence with one easy-to-use dashboard.

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